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With over fifteen years of experience in the moving industry, Geo Van Lines is ready to take your moving day to the next level. We have a fully trained staff, featuring moving professionals who know how to ease the transition to your new home. Geo Van Lines offers a wide variety of moving services, including everything from packing and loading to storage and special requests.We will work with you to make your relocation affordable and efficient, from the first in-home estimate until your items arrive safely at your destination. For more information about our moving services, please continue reading.

Long Distance Movers

Heading cross-country? Our experienced moving professionals will securely pack and load all of your belongings onto one of our trucks and deliver it directly to your destination. Long distance moves are any relocations that cover more than 100 miles. So, a move that stays within the state of Texas can still be a long distance move because Texas is such a large state. When we transport your items, we pack them safely and securely to ensure that nothing is damaged or broken during transit

Residential moves

When it comes to moving, we treat our customers’ belongings like our own. So if you’re relocating with your family, shoot your friends at Geo Van Lines an email! Residential moves include any relocations involving you or your family. In other words, if you are relocating to another town or state alone or with family members, it is a residential move. These types of moves usually consist of personal belongings and furniture, as well as vehicles and special items sometimes. If you are planning to move your office or business, please see our other moving services on this page, as we offer office and commercial relocation services, too!

Office Movers

Moving your business? We can relocate your equipment and your employees to the new office space, no problem. You’ll be back to work in no time! Why sacrifice productivity when planning and executing a corporate relocation? Geo Van Lines are the moving professionals you want on your team during an office move. We can move all of your stuff and people where you need them in a fast and efficient way, and minimize the effect of the moving process on your business. In the corporate world, we view office moves as more of an opportunity than a hurdle

Commercial movers

If you need to move your store or warehouse, Geo Van Lines has got you covered. In addition to residential moving services, we perform commercial moves as well. Similar to office moves, our highly trained and experienced moving professionals can get your equipment and supplies as well as your staff members where they need to go. Commercial moves involve storefronts and warehouse spaces, so they require slightly different planning and attention than corporate relocations. But just like any move, we take all of the stress of the moving process and put it on our shoulders.

Storage solutions

We own a 15,000 square-foot storage facility available for customers who need to place items in temporary storage. The facility is climate controlled and features a month-to-month rental fee structure. Let us know if you need storage space! We have plenty of room for your personal items, collectibles, furniture, etc. If you are moving your office or business, we can provide you with temporary storage for office supplies, equipment and furniture as well. Let us take care of it until you need it, and then we’ll worry about getting it directly to your destination.

Packing services

Don’t want to pack your own items? Leave it to the pros. We can ensure that your stuff is secure while in transit with the most efficient packing materials and methods in the industry. We take extra special care of fragile items like glassware and kitchenware, and we treat everything like it’s our own. We know how important that big screen television set is, and we know how much those antique ceramic figurines are to your family. Regardless of the item, we guarantee our best effort to keep it safe and secure during transit.

Loading and unloading

Not only do we pack your items we load them onto the trucks, ship them and deliver them directly to your new house or apartment. Tell us where you want your furniture and boxes, and we’ll position them to your liking. When unloading your stuff, you can choose a curbside delivery or have us bring everything into your new home. Whatever your preference, we will treat your items with the same care as we would our own belongings. That’s the Geo Van Lines way of doing things. We assure you that our services will be fast, friendly and efficient.

Special moves

If you’re moving items that require special care such as musical instruments, artwork and antiques we can perform special moves as well. Let us know, and we’ll take extra care packing your belongings in special materials to prevent damage. Special moves include any items like the ones mentioned above, as well as pet carriers, motorcycles and boats. When scheduling your move, make sure to tell us your relocation will require these special moving services so we know to plan accordingly. This way, we’ll have the right supplies and equipment to pack and ship your most important items.

One-item moves

Geo Van Lines provides a superior experience for full-service moves, but we also perform small moves. A small move consists of shipping a single item or even the contents of one bedroom/a studio apartment. Small moves can involve any types of items, including furniture, electronics, personal belongings, antiques, artwork, etc. These types of moves don’t require a lot of packing or moving materials because they are normally less than 2,000 pounds total. Small moves include studio apartments and even college dorms.